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  1. shadzovgra Jan 19, 2014

    Hi there, I just love your work and would love to be able to share some of it at the wallpaper abyss. So before I upload anything of yours, I thought I'd ask permission first. No hassles if the answer is no. The question was simply posed out of respect. Be well and have a great day.

  2. Valuna Moderator Jan 07, 2014

    Quote by hayashinomuraYes... I'm in SAD too ;_;
    I don't have any idea for BG.. KILL MEEE! *justkid
    I also think something weird with her body & head... but reflect to my previous 2009 work... OMG I did same twist I think orz
    Thanks for recognized it... I'll do more hardwork on BG after this...
    Thanks for your critics, so motivate, I'll do my best and please keep watch me
    about Mai-chan, I'll try to made her wall again... :)

    Now I found the time to use the pc instead of the phone! Now I could help you with the anatomy. Perhaps you might want to pay more attention to first make an anatomical doll body before starting on making it awesome.

    To be honest, the twist wasn't so bad on the first one. Most likely because her position was more "stiff" and your current one has a lot of dynamics...even then, you didn't do it properly when it comes to her anatomy!

    I'm not entirely right, but it should have been like this > sorry for editing your wall a bit, I thought it was necessary to show what you actually did wrong in order to improve even more (get this down and you're awesome)
    As you can see, the middle body line, which is rather important to make it work doesn't make much sense the way you drew her. You can NOT have both front and back line at the same area! It is incorrect and weird to twist your body like that. I changed a little bit with a brush to show the differences better. Her shoulder should be a bit more to the back, it is too much to the front. Basically, should brake a little on the "extreme" positioning. When you do it, make sure the anatomy is right. It's easy to derive from it as in "too much"...which you did. I hope it helps for future works! It really gives more of a bam/flow to it. Now just learn to do it entirely right <3 Your colouring is perfect it (especially the eyes) >.<

    As for the background..perhaps something like a catacomb/underground or dark hallfway kind of thing could do? Perhaps a dark forest could do aswell...I don't really like the current one but that's my personal opinion. It is pretty good and people like it. That's what matters the most.